Hi all! My name is Jilly, and I’m a Toronto makeup artist! I’m definitely a makeup junkie, and there’s nothing more than I love to do than just to talk and play around with different makeup products. I can be quite shy when I meet you for the first time, but I’ll warm up eventually I promise! I do love meeting and talking with people, so feel free to leave comments all over my blog or social media sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), or EMAIL ME.

Anyways, just a little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Jakarta (Indonesia) until I was 12, then spent a couple years in Singapore for my Secondary school education. Later on, I moved to Hamilton (Canada) where I received my Hons. degree in Psychology from McMaster University (2009).

Throughout high school and university, I was asked to do my friends’ makeup, so I decided to attend Complections International Academy of Makeup (2010), now called College of Make-Up in Toronto. Ever since then, I’ve been blogging as well as being a freelance makeup artist in Toronto and its surrounding area, as well as in Jakarta (Indonesia).

Currently, I’m residing in Ancaster (Canada). I can and will travel upon request, so if you are in need of a makeup artist do contact me! I’d be more than happy to travel to your place.

Talking about traveling, I do travel a lot between the 3 countries I’ve lived in (Indonesia, Singapore, and Canada). Sometimes, it might be hard to keep track of me due to my travel, so you should check out my Instagram and/or Twitter account to find out where I’m at.

Makeup Artist in Toronto